Teamwork and Team Building

stock-photo-16604327-combined-effort-highlighted-under-teamworkA team is a group of people formed to achieve a goal. When the team members work together to achieve their collective goals, the team as a whole can take advantage of all of the collective talent, knowledge, and experience of each team member.

As a result, teamwork can significantly improve the bottom line and strengthen the organization. The teams can be temporary, or indefinite. Their success depends on their teamwork. Team building is an organized effort to improve team effectiveness.

Having employees with technical and functional expertise is not enough to win in a competitive global market. The essential ingredient for continued success is developing high-performing teams that capitalize on the synergistic combined strengths of their members. We offer training in teamwork and team building to help your teams develop the necessary skills to become high performing teams.

We can customize our Team Building Trainings to address your organization’s needs!

Insights based on findings from a survey conducted by Birkman International under the direction of Dr. Patrick Wadlington, senior psychometrician for Birkman International’s Research and Development Department, show that the most important ingredient for team success is effective communication. The problem with most teams is that although they communicate, they are not communicating effectively.

Below are brief overviews of the two Team Building Trainings that we offer:



We offer training based on the Birkman Method® – TeamWorks™.

The curriculum and workbooks refer to the customized reports and include individual and group exercises designed to increase a team’s awareness of current behaviors that may hinder group effectiveness. The materials are easy to understand and use and are written in plain business language.

TeamWorks starts with the insights derived from The Birkman Method’s questionnaire that each team member completes online in 35 to 45 minutes.

Team Building Training

This training is a modular, highly interactive, activity based training that trains your teams or leaders in the skills needed for teamwork.

  • Course Overview
  • Introduction
  • Defining Success
  • Types of Teams
  • First Stage of Team Development
  • Second Stage of Team Development
  • Third Stage of Team Development
  • Fourth Stage of Team Development
  • Team Building Activities
  • Effective Team Meetings
  • Problem Solving as a Team
  • Encouraging Teamwork

Highly rated team effectiveness factors that all ultimately impact communication in some way are:

  • Trust among team members
  • Cooperation among team members
  • Interpersonal conflicts within the team
  • Adaptation of the team to a changing environment
  • Role clarity within the team
  • Feedback from supervisor to the team
  • Stress experienced by team members
  • Problem solving success of the team
  • Interdependence of team task and/or goals