Team Building Workshop

Teamwork is a learned skill that requires commitment and courage. Teamwork can significantly improve the bottom line and strengthen the organization. We can customize our Team Building Workshop and/or Teamwork and Team Building Training to address your organization’s needs.

team building

Team Building Workshop 

This workshop is designed to be highly interactive with activities to enhance relationships among team members, develop trust, and build a team charter with guiding principles. Key recommended guiding principles include collaboration, commitment, open communication, accountability, and focus on results.

Teamwork and Team Building 

This training is a modular, highly interactive, activity based training that trains your teams or leaders in the skills needed for teamwork. Key topics include the stages of team formation, factors for success, types of teams, what to do as a leader and follower throughout the stages of team development, making the most of team meetings, solving problems as a team, and encouraging teamwork.