Strategic Planning

What is Strategy? What is Strategic Planning? How can your organization develop exceptional strategies and effective Action Plans?

Strategy is about change. Prior to the 1970’s most companies enjoyed smooth growth, and the mass market characterized this post-war era. Growth centered around the predictable future. Everything changed in the 70’s, and the world continues to change today, be it at an even faster rate. Oil price spikes in 1973 and 1979, computers, the internet and now social media have rapidly changed the landscape where businesses have to compete.

Strategy & Planning

Strategic Planning can mean many things. The Rothschild Corporation will consult with your leadership team to develop your agenda in order to arrive at the solutions you need. Rothschild can consult with your team on establishing solid governance processes, or we can facilitate Executive Strategic Planning workshops. You will end up with defined goals and objectives with action plans to implement. Or you may require Rothschild to develop your business case for key initiatives. Newer organizations may even want Rothschild to develop your business plan. The Rothschild Corporation can help you reach your goals.

The Rothschild team will meet and consult with your leadership team in order to develop the agenda for your meeting(s). Whether you are organizing a business planning meeting, a strategic marketing meeting, or working on your governance processes we can help. Your agenda should always focus on:

  1. People first – Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines CEO, says all effective strategies must work for all key stakeholders – employees, customers, and owners, in that order;
  2. Companies are moving faster – your strategies must reflect the information age;
  3. Becoming more focused on core competencies and your core customers;
  4. Partnering and other forms of alliances are accelerating;
  5. Differentiation strategies will beat low-cost strategies;
  6. Functional strategies are having major strategic impact.

Strategic ManagementThis leadership training is designed to be a workshop for your leadership team to review and/or plan your organizational strategy for ongoing success and growth.

Strategic Planning is the foundation for Strategic Management. The Strategic Planning leadership training is designed to be a workshop for your leadership team to review and/or plan your organizational strategy for ongoing success and growth.

The SWOT Analysis explores your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. From the analysis, your leadership team gains valuable insights to use in defining the organization’s vision, mission, guiding principles, goals and objectives, and knowledge management.

  • Project Management Training- Complete program to train your team on processes and tools to efficiently kick-off and manage your projects.
  • Project Charter and Scope: Develop a charter and project scope clarifies project objectives, roles, responsibilities, and deliverables.
  • Team Building: Enhance the success of the project through empowering, collaborative team relationships.

Let Rothschild Corp. facilitate your Strategic Planning Workshops to develop your business case for Key Initiatives, your Business Plan or your Strategic Marketing Plan. We can help you grow.