Mobile App Development

mobile apps

Generally, businesses haven’t even considered taking the plunge into the mobile website/app domain. Reasons for this could include:

  1. They haven’t realized how consumers are changing the way they are purchasing.
  2. Most small business owners do not understand how mobile marketing works.
  3. They are simply not aware that to be effective in mobile marketing, they will have to get their regular website optimized and make it a mobile friendly website.

Mobile internet users are predicted to surpass desktop internet users by 2015

Many users have fully incorporated smartphones and tablets into their daily lives thanks to devices and operating systems from Apple and Google. They are choosing the personal user experience of Android and iPhone over the largely business-task-driven BlackBerry devices. They have also adopted application stores in their personal lives, blending activities like web browsing, games, and mobile payments with business uses such as corporate email.

86% of adults own a mobile phone

If the concept of mobile overwhelms you, rest assured that it’s not as complicated as it might sound. Mobile sites are affordable.

Technology and business is constantly evolving, are you keeping up with it?