Human Resources Consulting

Human resources are the key ingredient to the success and growth of any organization. What are your key human resources or talent acquisition and management concerns? How are you ensuring that you are getting the right people for your organization? How are you developing them to bring out their greatest potential and plans for the future?

The Rothschild Corporation provides human resources consulting to help you bring out the best in your team.

human resources

HR Consulting Services Houston, TX

Top HR initiatives typically include the following:

  1. Performance management: The focus involves defining and communicating performance expectations to every employee.
  2. Hiring: The focus is to hire the best people with the optimum skills and fit for the company culture.
  3. Retention: The focus is implement career paths and reduce voluntary turnover.
  4. Compensation: The focus is to conduct competitive salary market research and to adjust ranges to assure competitive pay practices.
  5. Workforce Development: The focus is to define the talent needs and skill levels required to execute on their organization’s planned business strategies.
  6. Training: The focus is to develop the current talent within the organization.
  7. Organizational Development: The focus is on enhancing the internal employee communications in order to build employee commitment and understanding.
  8. Employee Benefits: The focus is to find ways to reduce employee benefit costs while maintaining necessary employee benefits.

Are you looking to improve your hiring and employee development practices? Are you looking to develop a succession plan? Are you looking to develop your employees for continued growth of your company? Then call The Rothschild Corporation for our advice and ideas. We can provide consulting and end-to-end solutions.