Case Study: Software Transformation

Software transformation allows your company to generate wealth by standardizing and streamlining processes, getting a holistic view of your customers, automating documentation and reporting, managing risk, and adding value to the stakeholders of your organization. The software structures ensure an effective framework to manage your business and promote transparency.

After working with the organization’s executives to redefine their customer relationship management needs, one of our partners managed the design and development of training for call center representatives. Prior to this software transformation, the call center representatives used 20 or more applications to find needed information during a customer contact. This practice was time-consuming and inefficient. As part of the software transformation, the call center representatives became proficient in answering customer questions and making recommendations based on the customer information that was captured in the Siebel CRM database.

Bottom line

This CRM transformation resulted in increasing sales through a better understanding of the customer and reducing annual costs by streamlining processes to eliminate confusion and redundancy of related information.

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Note: Under confidentiality agreements, specifics related to this case study are not disclosed.