Purchase Birkman Reports

After you complete the questionnaire, you can purchase a Birkman Method Report as follows:

Fill out the form in You can pay here including:

  1. Your Email
  2. Invoice Number: Enter your full name and report name that you are purchasing (for example,  John Doe, Birkman Signature Report)
  3. Full Address (Street Address, City, State (or Province/ Region), Zip o Postal Code, Country
  4. Credit Card details
  5. Cardholder Name
  6. Total amount to charge to your card. Below is the pricing for three popular report formats:
    • The Birkman Signature Report costs $250 per person.
    • The Birkman Signature Coaching Report costs $250 per person.
    • The Birkman Method Comparative Report costs $100. This report requires that you order a Birkman Signature Report for each of the individuals included in the Comparative Report.

After you complete payment, we will receive an email confirmation and will send your report to the email address you provided with your questionnaire request.